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  • Best Commuter Cars & 10 Cities You Wouldn't Want to drive them in
    People living in far out communities are more and more common these days. It only makes sense that car buyers would want to find the best commuter cars possible. In this article I'll be highlighting the best cars for long commutes and then listing th
  • Top 5 Best Value Vehicles for 2013
    Every generation has their own economical hurdles to overcome and the days we're living in now are no different. The 70's had the energy crisis which led to the oil glut of the 80's which rolled into the Oil price spike of the 90's due to the invasio
  • Best Cars for Hauling Bikes
    Single track riders, parents' road riders and racers unite. For some of us biking is a way of life for others it's a great way to have family fun and get exercise. If you're looking for good vehicles for hauling bikes you'll want to park it right her
  • Top 5 Affordable but Fast Cars
    As the industry would have it there are quite a few fast cars at reasonable prices aimed towards people with the need for speed who are on a budget. The cars are listed by price from least to most expensive.
  • 10 Favorite 4X4 Trucks User Picks
    Thanks for everyone that participated in our Facebook user poll for favorite 4X4 trucks. The poll is still open if you're interested in adding your own favorite 4X4 Truck. We encourage you to add a vehicle if you don't see your preferred vehicle in o
  • Best Commuter Cars for Sleeping In
    I thought this was an interesting topic to write about as I myself have done a lot of this and have to imagine I'm not alone. I live in Southern Michigan where a lot of the jobs are on the south east part of the state. What this meant for me and many

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