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At we pay attention to what our viewers are looking for as well as emerging vehicle trends. The following articles outline top vehicles purchased along with reviews. Whether you're in the market for an SUV, Hybrid, used vehicle or fuel efficient sedan chances are we've created a comparative list for your particular vehicle needs.
  • Save Money on Low Mileage Used Cars for Sale
    For most of us purchasing slightly used low mileage vehicles makes the most sense monetarily. Unfortunately for the original buyer the resale value of the vehicle drops by merely driving it off the lot. This is where you the 2nd hand car buyer end up
  • Safe Used Cars for Less Than $5,000 for Commuters
    The majority of people working in the U.S. have an average daily commute of 16 miles. That's about 26 minutes one way 52 minutes total after the return trip. That means in an average week people drive roughly 160 miles and spend about 260 minutes tra
  • 5 Great Used Cars that Get More than 40 MPG
    In the days of soaring gas prices finding a vehicle that gets superior MPG is something many of us are searching for. With the popularity of hybrids and electric cars there are now more fuel efficient options than ever before to choose from. In this
  • Best Commuter Cars & 10 Cities You Wouldn't Want to drive them in
    People living in far out communities are more and more common these days. It only makes sense that car buyers would want to find the best commuter cars possible. In this article I'll be highlighting the best cars for long commutes and then listing th
  • Top 5 Best Value Vehicles for 2013
    Every generation has their own economical hurdles to overcome and the days we're living in now are no different. The 70's had the energy crisis which led to the oil glut of the 80's which rolled into the Oil price spike of the 90's due to the invasio
  • Best Cars for Hauling Bikes
    Single track riders, parents' road riders and racers unite. For some of us biking is a way of life for others it's a great way to have family fun and get exercise. If you're looking for good vehicles for hauling bikes you'll want to park it right her

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