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Searching for cheap and reliable transportation can sometimes be difficult. If you are looking to buy a vehicle for less than a couple of grand, your options may be limited. Most vehicles in this price range will have high miles and may not be as reliable as you would like. When shopping for a used car on a budget, you should always have a mechanic check out a vehicle you are thinking of buying. Besides the engine running properly and the transmission shifting smoothly, make sure the tires still have some tread left on them and the brakes work good and don't make any noises.

Shown below are a selection of vehicles priced under $2,000 you may be interested in. Another option is to use some of the cash you have available for a down payment and finance the rest of the vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to buy a nicer vehicle and build credit at the same time. Start the process today of getting in a new car, request auto financing to purchase a reliable car, pickup, SUV, or van with a low down payment.

Cars Less than 2000 Dollars


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