Top 5 Best Value Vehicles for 2013

by GoAceNate
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Best Vehicle ValuesEvery generation has their own economical hurdles to overcome and the days we're living in now are no different. The 70's had the energy crisis which led to the oil glut of the 80's which rolled into the Oil price spike of the 90's due to the invasion of Kuwait and in March of 2000 regular and unleaded gasoline rose to an all time high of $1.53 per gal.


I'd love to pay $1.53 per gallon today. So if time has taught us anything it's that we should spend wisely when purchasing new or used automobiles. Finding a car that's known to have a good history and resale value makes good sense so it only makes good sense to search for the best cars you can find for your dollar.

Best Value Cars

The following list of vehicles was chosen for dependability, available incentives, transmission, fuel efficiency and of course price. Spend your hard earned cash wisely and consider one of these vehicles next time you shop for a vehicle.
Chevy Sonic
Chevrolet Sonic 2013 Chevrolet Sonic
The Sonic comes in 4 different model packages starting at $14,185 for the base vehicle package. It get's impressive gas mileage so you will save some money on the road. The Chevrolet Sonic gets a ★★★★ crash rating for rollover resistance so you can feel good that you've chosen a safe road-worthy vehicle. It's available in manual or automatic so depending on how you drive m.p.g. can be even better.
Available Incentives Transmission MPG MSRP
Financing as low as 3.9% Automatic/ Manual 29 City / 40 Hwy $14,185
Dodge Journey
Dodge Journey 2013 Dodge Journey
The Dodge Journey while the largest vehicle on this page was chosen because even though it is a large vehicle it still gets pretty good mileage and starts off at $18,995. The Journey is available in 5 different models that tops off with an all wheel drive version for $28,995. The Dodge Journey gets a ★★★★ crash test rating making the Journey a good vehicle to haul the family around in.
Available Incentives Transmission MPG MSRP
Up to $500.00 in rebates, Financing as low as 0.0% Automatic 19 City / 26 Hwy $18,995
Kia Rio
Kia Rio 2013 Kia Rio
The sporty Kia Rio starting at $13,600 dollars is available in 3 different models that top off at $17,700 for the SX package. The Rio gets a ★★★★ crash test rating so you should feel safe while driving this 5 door hatchback. The Rio is available as an automatic or a manual so once again mileage may vary.
Available Incentives Transmission MPG MSRP
Financing as low as 0.9% Automatic/ Manual 30 City / 37 Hwy $13,600
Mazda2 2013 Mazda2
The user favorite Mazda2 is one of the most affordable vehicles Mazda has to offer. The Mazda2 comes in 2 different models Sport and touring which tops off with all the bells and whistles at $16,210. This fast little car is available in manual or automatic making the Mazda2 that much faster depending on the driver.
Available Incentives Transmission MPG MSRP
Incentives available Automatic/ Manual 29 / 35 MPG $14,720
Suzuki SX4
Suzuki SX4 2013 Suzuki SX4
The last vehicle in our user favorites list is the Suzuki SX4. The SX4 comes with a manual or Continuously Variable Ratio (CVT) transmission. The CVT transmission is made up of 5 different gear ratios that react to rpms. It's available in 7 different models including 3 different available cross over versions. The AWD cross over version of the SX4 tops off at a price of $19,349.
Available Incentives Transmission MPG MSRP
Up to $1,000.00 in rebates
Financing as low as 0.0%
Continuously Variable Ratio or Manual 25 City / 33 Hwy $15,845

Best Used Car Values

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