Best Cars for Hauling Bikes

by GoAceNate
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Best Cars for Hauling BikesSingle track riders, parents' road riders and racers unite. For some of us biking is a way of life for others it's a great way to have family fun and get exercise. If you're looking for good vehicles for hauling bikes you'll want to park it right here for a few and read on. In this article we'll outline a list of cars ready to transport your bike no matter how hard you do or do not ride.

There are a huge number of bike enthusiasts in the U.S. and every one of them has a degree of how important biking is to them. These biker's interests range from basic recreation to biking as a secondary mode of transportation. Today we're focusing on a segment of our users that have searched for new or used vehicles that fall into one of the 3 categories below.
  1. Best Cars for Hauling Kid Bikes
  2. Mid Sized Cars that Haul Bikes Well
  3. Small Hatchback Cars for Mountain Bikers

Best Cars for Hauling Kid Bikes

For the parents that visit our website we've noticed a number you seeking either mid sized or larger vehicles for travelling both long and short distances to bike. These parents are looking for a vehicle that can be used for vacations and other trips as well as a car that's easy to strap the bikes to for a quick ride to the metro park.
If biking with your kids is something that interests you consider these vehicles as ways of getting them to where you want to go. Each of the following mid size to full size vehicles are good for rear mounted or hitch mounted bike racks.
Ford Escape Honda Pilot Dodge Durango
Ford Escape Honda Pilot Dodge Durango
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Mid Sized Cars that Haul Bikes Well

This is what the majority of our users are looking for. They want something that gets good gas mileage, but they also want to know which models would most easily accommodate a rear mounted bike rack.
The following vehicles were chosen for fuel efficiency, positive customer reviews and of course over all vehicle size.
Subaru Outback Subaru Forester Volkswagen Tiguan
Subaru Outback Subaru Forester Volkswagen Tiguan
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Small Hatchback Cars for Mountain Bikers

Another segmented niche of our users seeking bike friendly vehicles are people searching for the smallest, most fuel efficient vehicles that they can still use to haul up to 2 bikes. These users are either commuters interested in saving money on gas or people concerned with their impact on the environment. Luckily for this group of riders there are many options that will accommodate. Here are the user favorite's people are buying on
Toyota Matrix Kia Forte Ford Focus
Toyota Matrix Kia Forte 5 Door Ford Focus
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