Best Commuter Cars for Sleeping In

by GoAceNate
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Good Cars To Sleep In I thought this was an interesting topic to write about as I myself have done a lot of this and have to imagine I'm not alone. I live in Southern Michigan where a lot of the jobs are on the south east part of the state. What this meant for me and many other commuters like me were that we had to leave our sleep away communities earlier in the morning to get to work on time.

Over the period of my career I've lived in many different areas and have had some pretty serious commutes including when I lived in Los Angeles where my commute on a daily basis was often over 2 hours one way. So I feel like an authority on the subject as I've easily slept in my vehicle well over 100 times. It's never dawned on me to buy commuter cars for sleeping in, but now I'm not so sure.
The following list of vehicles are what I can speak of personally as I have had these cars over the past years and have had better and worse times sleeping in each for varying reasons.
Honda Civic
Honda CivicShortly after moving to Los Angeles I bought a slightly used Honda Civic. It was my first stick and aside from the fact that I was living in the San Fernando Valley and I had no air conditioning was a good commuter car. It got great gas mileage, was easy to park anywhere and had a sun roof which did nothing for the heat when stuck in grid lock. Often times I would wait for traffic on the 405 to let up so I'd catch some shut eye and wait for the traffic to let up in some parking lot in Studio City. A combination of heat and lack of leg space makes this a bad car to sleep in. Over all the Civic is great for commuting, but not so much for sleeping in and for that reason I have to give the Honda Civic a thumbs down.
Ford Focus
Ford FocusAfter moving back East I leased a Ford Focus. At that time I had over an hour commute in one direction. It was made easier by a Sirius Satellite radio. It was a stick and fun to drive and got great gas mileage. The Focus was a great commuter vehicle as well and if you slept in the back seat actually wasn't too bad for napping. If this was a 2 door it would have been a different story, but over all I have to give the 4 door focus a thumbs up for sleep-ability.
Ford Fusion
Ford FusionAfter my lease was up I got a Ford Fusion. It was the perfect combination of size and fuel efficiency. I was getting 32 mpg and the Fusion was roomy enough to spread out and catch some Z's after my youngest was born. The new Fusion claims to get even better gas mileage now a day making this a great vehicle to purchase for people constantly battling Commuter Creep or the sand man.
Ford Expedition
Ford ExpeditionI'm currently driving a Ford Expedition and its MPG is a whole lot different than my past cars. Everyone's need for vehicles vary so much and I'm no different. I came to a point in my life where I needed space for family vacations and something that could haul a trailer. Otherwise I'd be in a much smaller vehicle. That being said my truck is great for sleeping in if the need arises. It has 3 rows of seating so you can spread out and if you have a lot of extra time you can always watch a DVD.

My Consensus

If I had to vote for one of the following cars for best commuter vehicle to sleep in it would have to be the Ford Fusion. It was big enough that you wouldn't be smooshed into a seat belt or steering wheel. The interior was comfortable and the gas mileage was incredible. While the Expedition is more comfortable and has more amenities it leaves much to be desired at the pump. I love my truck, but a great commuter vehicle it is not.

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