Soccer Mom Cars for Moms that Do Want to Drive Soccer Mom Cars

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  • For every great soccer mom there is a great soccer mom car that helps her make it through the day. While there may be some mothers who prefer other vehicles there are still those who fancy the traditional minivans and larger SUVS as their choice of transportation. Normally these are parents who have multiple children and need the extra interior space, as well as some additional room for cargo as well.
  • Great Soccer Mom Cars

    GMC Acadia
    2012 GMC Acadia
    When it comes to supplying families with large bodied vehicles, there are few who can stand toe-to-toe with GMC. Nearly every automobile from this manufacturer is known for things such as interior space, powerful engines, luxury and comfort, as well as fun features. These are the same qualities you will find in the 2012 GMC Acadia which is a great buy for any mother. It offers the space for your children, family friendly features, and the cargo space when you need to load up additional cargo for a base price of only $32,835.
  • Honda Odyssey
    2012 Honda Odyssey
    One of the highest esteemed minivans on the market right now just so happens to be the all-new Honda Odyssey. This one vehicle has set the bench mark for what it means to be a family oriented car as it offers the space, comfort, and features that any soccer mom would be looking for. For a low base price of $28,375 you can receive the Odyssey with a good amount of qualities like its fuel efficient V6 engine, great drivability, and seat configurations that easily fold down. This minivan is also known for receiving awesome marks for its safety features which is a very reassuring thing to know when you have numerous children.
  • Ford Expedition
    2012 Ford Expedition
    The funny thing about soccer mom cars is that in some families both parents have to be able to drive and like the new vehicle they choose. That is where the new Ford Expedition can come into play as it offers a style that dad will like, while also granting moms the great handling they desire. The Expedition comes packed with fun features, while also offering consumers the chance to have third row of seats that is spacious. There also is plenty of cargo space and the third row easily folds down when it's no longer needed.
  • Nissan Quest
    2012 Nissan Quest
    Another great automobile for soccer moms to consider is the 2012 Nissan Quest which is another minivan that has recently become more popular over time. The Quest has recently become much more attractive on the interior and exterior after undergoing a redesign. This van offers a different seating arrangement than most vehicles in its class as it only seats seven, but still offers plenty of space in its third row. Most soccer moms will like the Nissan Quest as it starts out at a base price of $25, 990 and stays fairly affordable with other models.
  • Mazda MAZDA5
    2012 Mazda MAZDA5
    For mothers who may not need the additional interior space for seven or more passengers there is another minivan that can service them properly. That is where the 2012 Mazda MAZDA5 comes into play as it's a compact minivan that offers moms a sporty alternative. The MAZDA5 is only $19,625 and able to seat six passengers, but it still offers three rows of seats and other popular features found in most minivans. This is also one of the more fuel efficient choices for a family as the 2.5-liter engine offers 21 city miles per gallon and 28 highway mpg.
  • Toyota Sienna
    2012 Toyota Sienna
    Aside from the Honda Odyssey, the other most popular family minivan has to be the 2012 Toyota Sienna. The thing about the Sienna is that this family hauler is able to provide consumers plenty of interior and cargo space for up to eight passengers. This minivan also comes with multiple trim packages that all fall below the price of most of its competitors, which may make it a top pick if you want your money to go further.
  • Toyota Sequoia
    2012 Toyota Sequoia
    Another great full-sized sports utility vehicle to go after if you're a soccer mom is the all-new Toyota Sequoia which has the ability to rival some of the other heavyweights in its class. Much like the Expedition the Sequoia offers buyers a great driving experience and a distinctive amount of versatility that challenges that of the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition. Once you factor in such features as Bluetooth, navigation, and satellite radio it is clear that this is an SUV made for any soccer mom.
  • Volkswagen Routan
    2012 Volkswagen Routan
    If there were ever a van that was deserving of some attention, but failed to receive the proper amount it would have to be the Volkswagen Routan. The lack of recognition with this family hauler largely comes from the overwhelming presence of its competitors who have been around much longer. Still for only $27,020 the VW Routan offers soccer moms every where the chance to own an affordable minivan that is luxurious, roomy, comfortable, and full of great standard features.
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