10 Best Family Haulers for Less Than 25,000

by GoAceNate
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When you have the privilege to possess a larger family it increases your demand larger vehicles under 25,000 that can haul them and the extra cargo as well. This usually means that you're looking past a large sedan and more than likely you don't want to endure the embarrassment of driving a minivan either, which leaves you in a good place as there are plenty of great SUVs to choose from.


Top 5 Compact/Midsize New Family Haulers for less than $25,000

The best thing about shopping for affordable new or used cars in this category is that there selections for families who need to seat anything from five to nine passengers comfortably. You can also expect to find great features in these automobiles that offer a good amount of safety and entertainment for everyone.

2012 Chevrolet Equinox

2012 Chevrolet Equinox

Base Price: $23,250  |  Seats: 5 Passengers  |  Body Style: Compact SUV

The Chevrolet Equinox is nice small SUV for any average sized family as it offers plenty of interior space and offers a good driving experience. There are multiple trims that the Equinox can be purchased in with each one adding more features than the one under it. In the base model you can expect to find Sirius XM satellite radio, auxiliary MP3 audio input, OnStar telecommunications service, and Bluetooth capabilities The only downside of the Equinox is the limited cargo space which can make it difficult to work with on road trips, but overall it's still a good selection.

2012 Kia Sorento

2012 Kia Sorento

Base Price: $23,150  |  Seats: 5-7 Passengers  |  Body Style: Midsize SUV

Now for those of who have a slightly larger or even a family, but are looking to get a very affordable vehicle for less than $25,000 you may want to opt for the 2012 Kia Sorento. This midsized crossover may very well be a good steal at $23, 150 as it seems to pick up where the Kia Sorento left off as you receive third row seating, Sirius XM satellite radio, auxiliary audio input and iPod integration, USB connection, and Bluetooth capability. There are not too many complaints about this SUV which could make it one of the best choices you can make when shopping for a spacious family car.

2012 Kia Sportage

2012 Kia Sportage

Base Price: $18,500  |  Seats: 5 Passengers  |  Body Style: Compact SUV

Another good choice for smaller or average sized families is the Kia Sportage, which offers excellent styling and a cheaper base price that can allow you to look into other trims. Nearly every version of the Sportage comes equipped with similar power and fuel economy as its big brother in the Sorento; however, the LX and EX trims which are also under 25000 dollars offer better fuel economy. The list of features for this compact crossover is also extremely long as you can receive packages that include keyless entry, parking sensors, dual-zone automatic climate control, and so much more.

2012 Dodge Journey

2012 Dodge Journey

Base Price: $18,995  |  Seats: 5-7 Passengers  |  Body Style: Midsize SUV

There are not many families looking at the new Dodge Journey despite it being a perfect match for them as it has the necessary components to make considerable. With the ability to seat seven passengers with ease, very attractive styling, and low price the Journey easily trumps any minivan on the market. Buyers can expect to be able to add a number of different features in two trims offered as it can come with an auxiliary audio input, iPod integration, USB connection, DVD player, satellite radio, and so much more.

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Base Price: $22,840  |  Seats: 5 Passengers  |  Body Style: Compact SUV

Once again if you're looking to get a good amount of features in a standard trim you may like to consider the Volkswagen Tiguan. Also there are plenty of base features to be found in the Tiguan which include keyless entry, Bluetooth, auxiliary input, panoramic sunroof, and a few other things as well. The only downside of this small SUV is that its base price comes close to the top of your price limit, but it does offer a lot in return.


Top 5 Large Used Family Haulers under $25,000

(Pictures based on 2012 models)

2011 Ford Flex

2012 Ford FLex

Base Price: $20,688  |  Seats: 7 Passengers  |  Body Style: Large Wagon

There is nothing on market quite like the Ford Flex which uses its wagon-like appearance and large size to appeal to large families. For those of you who want a more attractive vehicle that supplies excellent space, a classy interior, and plenty of high tech features then the Flex is a perfect for you. It comes with third row seating, Sirius satellite radio, Bluetooth, DVD player, SYNC interface, and so much more. You may not have as much towing ability as some of the other choices, but it still can be a good selection for any family.

2011 Ford Expedition

2012 Ford Expedition

Base Price: $24,939  |  Seats: 5-8 Passengers  |  Body Style: Full-Size SUV

Now when you're hauling a very large family and not only need interior space, but cargo space and towing ability you will want to eye the Ford Expedition. Like most full-sized SUVs the newer Expedition is fairly expensive; however, the 2011 model still offers plenty of exciting qualities. First there is there is the SYNC system, Bluetooth, DVD player, auxiliary audio jack, rear audio controls, and so much more. All of these features combined with a powerful V8 and 9200 lb towing capacity should make family trips a truly enjoyable time.

2010 Chevrolet Tahoe

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe

Base Price: $24,823  |  Seats: 6-9 Passengers  |  Body Style: Full-Size SUV

When you think of a large SUV that was built for families the Chevrolet Tahoe may be one of the first ones to catch your attention. This is one of the best used cars under $25000 to consider for your family thanks to its versatility and comfort level for consumers. You can find most of the same features found in the Expedition, but the Tahoe does prove to handle and drive better than its competitor.

2009 GMC Yukon

2012 GMC Yukon

Base Price: $22,591  |  Seats: 5-9 Passengers  |  Body Style: Full-Size SUV

Most consumers have a hard time affording a brand new GMC Yukon despite their over the top ability to produces vehicles perfect for families. That is why you may want to look into the 2009 Yukon as you still receive a great interior, cargo space, and plenty of versatility. This automobile can easily go from transporting your family to hauling away anything you need thanks to its 8000 pound towing capacity.

2008 Toyota Sequoia

2012 Toyota Sequoia

Base Price: $21,049  |  Seats: 7-8 Passengers  |  Body Style: Midsize SUV

Some argue that the Toyota Sequoia is the top full-sized SUV on the market due to its ability to meet consumer's demands. However, high prices make it difficult to afford more recent models, but the 2008 trim is still worth considering. With tons of features from Bluetooth to a DVD player you are sure to find some of the same things that make each of these other vehicles very special. The Sequoia also has great handling and great towing capacity that can compete with all the other large crossovers in its class.

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