Ford Introduces the 2013 F-150 Rugged F-Series Pickup

by GoAceNate
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The New 2013 Ford F150 Rugged Series

When you think "American Pickup Truck" the first thing that probably crosses your mind is the Ford F-150, and rightfully so. Upon the recent unveiling of the 2013 Ford F-150 the world is once again being treated to vehicle that has very few equals in its class. The 2013 model will feature a slew of unique and exciting additions that expand throughout it. From HID lamplights, a new grille, and fun technological gadgets this new vehicle from Ford is clearly ready to take the world by storm.

2013 Ford F150 Rugged F Series

Last year the 2012 Ford F-150 flexed its muscles on the competition as it was ranked as the top pick up truck in 2012 on and other websites. Now with a new model its manufacturer is raising the bar by adding a new Luxury model, a stronger EcoBoost and V8 engine, and better handling than in past years. The EcoBoost versions have become exceptionally popular as they were a major part of the F-Series sales.

There also has been a revamped grille to present a flashy design that goes together well with the HID headlamps, which will great increase visibility. Consumers will also have the option between new 18 and 20 inch rims to fit on their F-150 and three new paint jobs as well.

On the inside you will find Ford's highly popular SYNC voice-activated system which controls both communication and entertainment features. You will also find a number of additional features that vary from certain packages which include new LCD-display screens, MYFord Touch, and various additions to the SYNC system.

2013 Ford F150

Purchasing the New Ford F-150

With millions of people finally getting a look at this pickup truck the number one question on most people's lips will be, "When can I buy one?". The answer to that has not yet been determined which means that at least for the next few months we will still have to enjoy the 2012 model. That's not a complete let down, but of course it's slightly disappointing.

New Car Financing

If you are still interesting in purchasing a 2012 Ford F-150 you can actually invest in one today for a base price of $23,300. This may not be something that you have directly on hand so feel free to look into our online financing options which are quite generous. We offer some of the best rates possible regardless of your credit situation. You can have a bad credit score that's less than 640 and we will still get you a car dealership that can put you in this amazing truck.
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