Top 5 Affordable Hatchback Cars

by GoAceNate
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Affordable Hatch Back Cars Are you looking for a used hatchback car, but don't know where to begin? Try our used car finder to track down affordable hatchbacks in the city you live in. Hatchbacks are nice for there fuel efficiency, general speed, and limited, but noticeable storage space.

We ran a poll and our participants rated the following 5 vehicles according to desirability. Factors include amenities, price, fuel efficiency, safety features and over all appearance. If you're on the fence on what hatchback to purchase check out our viewer picks for guidance.
#5 Honda Fit
Honda Fit Starting MSRP $15,425 | MPG: 28 City / 35 Hwy
The number 5 spot as voted on by our customers was the Honda Fit. There seemed to be a lot more Fit fans out there than I realized. People chose the Fit for it's fuel efficiency and handling. Additionally for the safety considerations. Most people were looking to use this vehicle as a commuter car and we're driving long distances. It only makes sense that these people would want something that's both fuel efficient and safe to drive. The fit comes in 2 models a base package starting at $15,425 and sport for about 2 grand more.
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#4 Mazda 3
Mazda 3 Starting MSRP $16,700 | MPG: 28 City / 40 Hwy
Coming in 4th on our user pole was ironically the Mazda 3. Fans of the Mazda 3 enjoyed the Mazda 3's control and speed. Our customers commented that the Mazda 3 manual drive hatchback was a favorite to many. The Mazda 3 also gets high praise for it's fuel efficiency getting an astonishing 28 miles per gallon city and an impressive 40 m.p.g. highway. In the looks department the Mazda 3 got better marks for over all look than the "boxier" predecessor the Honda Fit.
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#3 Volkswagen GTI
Volkswagen GTIStarting MSRP $N/A | MPG: 24 City / 33 Hwy
Our 3rd customer favorite was the Volkswagen GTI. The Volkswagen GTI a fan favorite on this site scored high marks for overall look, drive-ability and dependability. The Volkswagen enthusiasts overwhelmingly chose the GTI as favorite hatchback feeling that this German engineered vehicle would not let them down when they needed it. It's a great handling car that is good whether you want to save money on commuting, need a vehicle for your college student or just plain are looking for a smaller vehicle.
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#2 Toyota Matrix
Toyota Matrix Starting MSRP $19,275 | MPG: 26 City / 32 Hwy
Favorite vehicle number 2 is the doppelganger of the Pontiac Vibe the Toyota Matrix. More people chose the Toyota Matrix over the previous 4 vehicles. The Toyota Matrix scored well on appearance, handling, fuel efficiency and speed. This was another vehicle our customers preferred in a stick shift over automatic. The Matrix scored 2nd highest for over all control and responsiveness.
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#1 Ford Focus
Ford Focus Starting MSRP $16,200 | MPG: 28 City / 40 Hwy
And the winner is the Ford Focus hatchback. Our customers rated the Focus #1 accross the board for handling, safety, driveability, fuel efficiency, and over all look. More people that took our survey were either still driving thier Focus or had in the past. While the Focus is diminiutive it scores 4 out of 5 stars in crash rating and rollover resisitance. It's a sporty and speedy hatchback that our customers said "would buy again".
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So there you have it the Ford Focus wins for favorite hatchback from our users. If you were on the fence before as to what hatchback was right for you I hope this helps. Happy hatchback hunting from
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