5 Affordable Used All-Wheel Drive Cars Below $20,000

by GoAceNate
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AWD Cars All wheel drive vehicles are perfect for a great deal of us in the U.S. living in or often visiting rural areas. We love and need these vehicles for radically different reasons and because of this the automotive industry has paid attention. In turn there are a lot of choices when it comes shopping for used AWD cars.

Favorite AWD Vehicles User Poll

We asked our users and Facebook fans if they drove an all wheel drive car. We then asked them why they did. And finally we asked them to choose their favorite AWD vehicle. This article is a culmination of the data collected from our user polled study.
Suzuki SX4
Suzuki SX4User Pick #5
Of the hundreds of people that participated in our event more of them voted the Suzuki SX4 for #5 user favorited all wheel drive vehicles. The SX4 is considered a cross over vehicle so for those out there looking for something with the driving power of an suv and the parking ability of a mid sized car this Suzuki is a good choice. It's got a 4 star safety rating review for roll over resistance; it gets better than average fuel economy and starts off with an MSRP under 16 K. Nuff said. more info...
MSRP MPG Safety Rating
$15,845 25 City / 33 Hwy ★★★★
Hyundai Tucson
User Pick #4
Coming in at number four is the difficult to pronounce Hyundai Tucson. The name didn't keep our users from voting this vehicle up to #4 choice for fav AWD car. Many of our users were proud Tucson owner's who were so happy with the over all handling and dependability of this roomy crossover. It gets respectable gas mileage and comes in with an MSRP under $20,000. more info...
MSRP MPG Safety Rating
$19,395 22 City / 30 Hwy ★★★★
Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger User Pick #3
The Ford Ranger comes in at #3 in our user poll and it's a shame as the last Ford Ranger built in North America rolled off the line December 16, 2011. However the people have spoken and it stands firm at #3. A little bit higher for this author. The Ranger is the perfect mid sized truck for the person of average height. Surprisingly the Ranger gets lower fuel economy than other larger cross over cars. With a starting MSRP of just over 18K it might be deciding factor if you could indeed still buy this truck.
MSRP MPG Safety Rating
$18,160 22 City / 27 Hwy ★★★
Nissan Juke
Nissan Juke User Pick #2
User favorite #2 is the Nissan Juke. This oddly shaped Toyota is among the top favorites of visitors to FindCarsUnder.com. The Juke gets respectable gas mileage, has a high crash test rating and has incentives up to $1000 dollars in rebates bringing the price of this vehicle to just under 20K. more info...
MSRP MPG Safety Rating
$20,280 27 City / 32 Hwy ★★★★
Dodge Journey
Dodge Journey User Pick #1
The people have spoken the #1 customer favorite all wheel drive car is the Dodge Journey. More people voted for this vehicle than any other listed. Our visitors liked that it had a price tag under 19K. They were happy with the average mileage and over all plain preferred this vehicle to all others voted on. more info...
MSRP MPG Safety Rating
MSRP $18,995 19 City / 26 Hwy ★★★★

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