7 Best Cars Under 5000 for Escaping the Zombie Apocalypse

by GoAceNate
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  • Escaping the Zombie ApocalypseIn honor of the Halloween season I'd like to highlight some of the best cars under 5000 for escaping the zombie apocalypse in the event of one happening. Whether you believe it's possible or not it can never hurt to be prepared, because the last thing you would like to happen is to be caught unprepared and have your brains eaten by a horde of the undead.

    With that said simply understand that these are all affordable previously owned autos that you can purchase today and easily turn into a survival machine later on. This list will also host a ton of different SUVs for sale under 5000, as the most important thing to worry about during a zombie apocalypse is versatility.

    Fuel efficiency should be the last thing on you mind when you're dealing with mindless creatures that have a serious case of the munchies. Instead you want to be focused on interior and cargo space, off-road ability, engine power, and how easy you can survive.

    ( Vehicle images based on 2012 models )
    2003 Ford Explorer
    Ford Explorer
    When it comes to having the best used cars for sale under $5000 that will increase your chances of living you will need to make sure that you have power and versatility. These are two things that you can find in a Ford Explorer as it's one of the top mid-size SUVs you can find for a low price.

    If the time comes for you to fight off a group of zombies the great power coming from the V8 engine and ability to head off-road will make getting away easy. You also have plenty of interior and cargo space to store supplies and weapons, while its great towing capacity won't make the extra weight a problem.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Good Very Spacious 239hp/282 lb-ft Average
    2000 GMC Yukon
    GMC Yukon There is bound to be a few families and people who are trying to be heroes hanging around during the rise of the undead, which means you need even more space. That is why the 2000 GMC Yukon would be one the great cars for sale under $5000 as it offers tons of cabin space. The ability to seat at least nine passengers is helpful if you're looking for other survivors, or simply fold down the rear seats have ample space for supplies or to be your sleeping quarters.

    Some people may shy away from the Yukon because of its size and assume it has poor handling, but that is far from the truth as it handles exceptionally well. This will very useful whether you're going through towns and cities or other terrains when running for your life

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Good Very Spacious 275hp/290 lb-ft High
    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Grand Cherokee For those of you who plan to stay away from all major roads and look to survive in the wild, you will want to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee as your main source of transportation. This rugged crossover is built to handle the various terrains that you will find in the woods and will easily be able to out run anything that finds you in the woods.

    It may not be as spacious as other vehicles on this list, but it still provides plenty of space to store any equipment that you have. You will also be able to attach various features to the GJC such as a plow, armor plating over the windows, and so much more to increase your survival chances.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Good Spacious 195hp/235 lb-ft High
    Ford Expedition
    Ford ExpeditionAnother great Ford SUV that you may want to start shopping for before the rise of zombie land is the highly touted Ford Expedition. This full-sized crossover is often times regarded as too big for every day drivers, but its massive size and power can the key to you surviving this apocalypse.

    The Expedition is a true hauler and can easily become a wrecking machine of death for any undead creature that steps in its way. You can also enjoy plenty of interior space and some added entertainment features so that you don't lose your mind in the wake of all the chaos around you.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Good Very Spacious 275hp/290 lb-ft High
    Chevy Tahoe
    Chevy Tahoe Another big body sports utility vehicle that is capable of offering a high survival possibility and plenty of versatility is the Chevrolet Tahoe. Among the cheap used cars for sale for less than 5000 dollars that can make it through a zombie attack, the Tahoe is one of the highly esteemed autos available.

    This is largely due to the ability to provide a strong V8 engine that puts out plenty of power to plow through anything that gets in your way. The spacious interior also can utilize in a variety of different ways that include storage, shelter, and of course transporting multiple passengers.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Good Very Spacious 275hp/290 lb-ft High
    Ford Escape
    Ford Escape For those of you who live in the city and may not need a pre-owned vehicle that features tons of off-road capability there are some other great crossovers to choose. One of these is the Ford Escape which is nice compact SUV that has excellent handling that can make cruising on the road easy.

    The ability to have truck like appearances and a strong frame should make it easy to avoid incoming zombies, but you will have less space than other autos on this list. With that said you may want to travel with fewer companions and use the space you have for weapons and other supplies.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Poor Spacious 127hp/135 lb-ft Average
    2001 Jeep Wrangler
    Jeep Wrangler Before we really begin to discuss the Jeep Wrangler I implore all those who may consider this vehicle to invest in a hard top version, or get the necessary equipment to make one. The Wrangler is the superior choice when taking on various terrains and being driven off-road, which is why you only want to choose this vehicle if you're going to be in such this kind of environment.

    There is not much interior or cargo space available which will make it difficult to haul supplies which can prove costly if you don't have a camp site or hidden storage area. In all honesty these used cars may only be a good match for those who plan on surviving by running and doing little fighting at all.

    Off-Road Capability Interior/Cargo Space Horsepower and Torque Survival Possibility
    Great Limited Space 120hp/140 lb-ft Low
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