Need Used Cars Under 5000

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Used Cars Under 5000
We all need a car but not just any car; we need a car that we can drive for a while without worrying about repairs. We also need a car that is reasonably priced so we don't have to worry about a high monthly payment but we only have about $5000 in cash to work with. While most people would say it is impossible to find reliable vehicles under $5000, I would have to say that they are wrong. There are ways to find that perfect vehicle at the perfect price, if you know where to look.

If you're in the market for great, used cars with a purchase price of under $5000, go to Here, you can find for used cars in your area and cars in your price range. This is one site that knows that most people cannot afford a car that costs $20,000 or more so they have put all of the available cheap used cars in one spot, saving you time and effort in your quest for perfect cheap used cars.

CARFAX Reports for Cars Under $5000

Show Me The CARFAXThere are some things that you should watch out for when you are in the market for a cheap used car for under $5000. Many dealers will try to take advantage of a person who does not have the cash they need to buy one of the more expensive cars so they will try and put you into a car that has had an accident, has not had the basic maintenance done or has had extensive issues in the past.

There is one excellent way to see where the car came from, most of the service records and an accident report; by getting a Carfax report. The problem is that the Carfax report can be expensive, up to $25 per report but when you find your car on, you can actually view the entire Carfax report directly on the site. The report will even show you exactly what the vehicle is worth, you just need to add in the blue book value and the report will do the rest.
Another way to make sure that you are getting a reliable car for under $5000 is to either bring a mechanic friend with you or to take the car to a reputable mechanic during your test drive. If the dealer genuinely does not know of any issues with the car, they will not mind you taking it to a mechanic for a check-up. If they argue and tell you that they cannot allow you to take it to a mechanic, then you can expect that the vehicle will not have a good report from the mechanic.

Car Dealerships That Specialize in Vehicles Less Than 5000

When you go into a used car dealership with cash in hand, they are also more likely to negotiate. If you find cheap cars for around $6000 through and you go in with your $5000, they will likely go down to the cash you have on hand just so they can make the sale. Just remember that just because used vehicles under $5000, you do not need to settle for one that does not seem to be reliable.
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