Top 7 Most Popular Used Cars Purchased in the Midwest

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  • Popular Midwest CarsWhen you are buying one of the top used cars in the Midwest, it's always important to make sure your vehicle can handle the harsh winter months. It can be easy to purchase a popular pre-owned auto for low cost while the weather is pleasant, and simply forget about the slippery roads and troublesome snow banks that build up in this region of the United States.

    That is why it's very important to make sure that while you are car shopping in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, or any of the other states that you purchase vehicles that perform great all year round. Of course this does not mean you need to purchase an SUV or pickup truck, because there are plenty of top performing sedans and hatchbacks that handle harsh weather conditions extremely well.
    Volkswagen Jetta
    Volkswagen Jetta When roads become slippery in the Midwest and you need a previously owned vehicle that can provide you with smooth handling, braking, and suspension you can always look towards the Volkswagen Jetta. From a styling and comfort level the Jetta already is a great choice for an affordable used car in your area, but its ability to provide multi-link rear suspension and responsive handling is what makes it an even better selection. Also, the ability to possess traction and stability control, as well as an outstanding braking system helps this Volkswagen survive the colder seasons.
    Toyota Camry
    Toyota Camry There are plenty of manufacturers who claim to have the best-rounded vehicle, but there has only been a few that have been accurate with their boasting. One of those companies is Toyota and they have done so with the ever popular Camry. It is extremely difficult to find anything wrong with this midsize sedan, as it easily does everything so well. Whether you are looking a style, fuel efficiency, space, safety features, or anything else you will find that the Camry may be the closest thing to perfection in its class.
    Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit/GTI
    Volkswagen GTI If cars had brains and could think, the Volkswagen GTI would constantly be confused due to how often its name changes. However, that still cannot take away from the fact that among the used hatchbacks for sale that it provides the best maneuverability during the winter months in states like Minnesota and Wyoming. This should be no surprise seeing as the Jetta already made this list for having the exact same qualities in steering and suspension, which will make it a bit easier to avoid accidents.
    Audi A6
    Most of the time people look at luxury vehicles as automobiles that can't handle diverse conditions, but that thought process can't be applied to the Audi A6. With the ability to offer drivers top of the line driving experiences with sporty handling, all-wheel-drive, and fully functional safety features this may be the classiest car on the road during the winters in the Midwest. Owner will also be treated to plenty of entertaining features and a cabin that will offer a high level comfort and elegance.
    Toyota Avalon
    Toyota Avalon If you are looking for extra interior space for multiple passengers and enough safety qualities to keep them all safe you will want to choose the Toyota Avalon. For such a large sedan the Avalon still offers a smooth and comfortable ride, which is largely due to the presence of stability and traction control. You can also expect to get a great amount of entertaining features and a pleasant cabin to make those drives through snowy weather much more enjoyable.
    Subaru Outback
    Subaru Outback One of best features to have built into any of pre-owned cars on sale in the Midwest is the ability to have an all-wheel-drive system in place. This is something that the manufacturers at Subaru have made a point to build on and its usefulness is clearly seen in the Outback. This large wagon has the comfort, handling, and safety features to take on the tough winter conditions found throughout the Midwest regions of the U.S. while also providing good fuel economy and a spacious interior for the family.
    Subaru Impreza
    Subaru Impreza Another good choice for automobiles that can handle harsh weather from the Subaru line is the Subaru Impreza, which is one of more overlooked sedans in its class. Once again we are able to see to the benefits of how well a used car with AWD can perform during the winter as the Impreza has great handling and braking as well. Also once the tougher seasons have passed you will have the ability to really place the turbocharged engine to the test and enjoy its quickness as well.
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