The Definitive Mid Size SUV Buying Guide

by GoAceNate
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Mid Size SUV Buying guideThere a number of things people can receive step-step directions for, but you rarely find a mid size SUV buying guide to give you all the answers. That no longer has to be the case as we have created one for you that is capable of covering all the important aspects of choosing the proper crossover.

In order to make sure you locate the best SUV in your area it's important to make sure that you don't evaluate each model in a one dimensional manner. We all face this problem, as we are either focused on the overall price, gas mileage, or sometimes the features that are being offered.

This is not an effective way to search for quality pre-owned autos that will meet your needs and save you money, as you will only get a portion of what you need. Instead, you should look at all of the qualities and expenses that will be available and make a decision from that point. By choosing used cars for sale near you that are also within your price range, easy to ensure, require little to no repairs, and provide qualities you need you're more likely to make the best choice.
( Vehicle images based on 2012 models )

The Best Midsize Used SUVs For Sale From 2009-2011

2003-2011 Nissan Murano
Nissan MuranoOne of the best midsized crossovers that you can expect to find for sale is the Nissan Murano as it's one of the more complete purchases you can make. The Murano is a well designed SUV that doesn't get some of the same attention as the other members on this list, but is definitely worth the buy. You will also find that you get some of the best insurance coverage with the Murano at a very low price.
Price Range Average MPG Best Qualities Worst Qualities Average Cost of Insurance
$7,628-$22,866 18 city mpg/23 highway mpg Fun features, spacious high class cabin, and an excellent driving experience Limited cargo space and rear seats obstruct visibility $1,846 a month
2001-2011 Toyota Highlander
Toyota HighlanderNormally if when people think about purchasing used cars from Toyota they think of their fuel efficient sedans, but this company also provides great SUVs. This can clearly be seen with the Toyota Highlander which has a large exterior but still handles like a smaller vehicle. Those who chose to purchase the Highlander will also be happy to know that the insurance coverage and overall cost is also among the best that you can find.
Price Range Average MPG Best Qualities Worst Qualities Average Cost of Insurance
$16,871-$22,333 20 city mpg/27 highway mpg Engines are full efficient and powerful, able to seat seven, comfortable cabin, easy to drive Could offer more cargo and interior like some of its competitors $1,916 a month
2001-2011 Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Santa Fe Sometimes when you go to visit the used car dealer near you home you may find that they don't offer long warranties on their vehicles, but that isn't the case with one manufacturer. When you choose to buy the Hyundai Santa Fe you don't just receive a highly regarded crossover, but also a lengthy warranty to protect you as well. Also a used Santa Fe is one of the of the few quality SUVs for sale under $5000 that also offers you the lowest insurance costs that you can expect to find.
Price Range Average MPG Best Qualities Worst Qualities Average Cost of Insurance
$3,501-$17,786 20 city mpg/25 highway mpg Low base price, long warranty, third-row seats, great features, roomy interior Driving experience can feel stiff at times $1,690 a month
2007-2011 Ford Edge
Ford EdgeAs the midsize SUV class continues to grow each year one of the consistent contenders for the top spot is Ford Edge. The Edge brings a different set of style and quality that helps it stand out as one of the best choices you can make when trying to buy a used crossover for a decent price. There may be some of you who may be frightened off by the increase in the price and insurance, but you will find that you receive the best coverage among these pre-owned autos listed here.
Price Range Average MPG Best Qualities Worst Qualities Average Cost of Insurance
$11,390-$21,349 19 city mpg/26 highway mpg Very comfortable cabin, excellent handling, offers all major features 2009 models brakes could be better and 2011 model lacks third row seats $2,022 a month
2003-2011 Honda Pilot
Honda PilotFor quite some time the Honda brand has been among the top sellers due to its known popularity for providing a well-rounded vehicle, and this midsize crossover is no exception. The Honda Pilot is one of the many SUVs in this class that offers extraordinary space and size, while adding great drivability as well. The insurance rates are not as high as other models, but still not as low as some may hope for.
Price Range Average MPG Best Qualities Worst Qualities Average Cost of Insurance
$7,588-$23,252 17 city mpg/23 highway mpg Rugged engine Lacking cargo space $2,098 a month

Choose the Best Midsize SUV

These are five great crossovers that anyone can choose from thanks to their generous price ranges and our ability to provide cheap used auto loans to consumers. However, be sure to consider every aspect of purchasing a vehicle, especially the cost of insurance.

You will find that the newer a specific make and model is, the more costly your insurance will prove to be. So even if you can't afford a 2011 model we will still help you locate the mid sized SUV that you need at still cost.
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