The Pros and Cons of Buying Cars for Sale by Owner Near Me

by GoAceNate
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There are a number of consumers who search for, "used cars for sale in my area", that opt to purchase cars being sold by owners who live near their homes over visiting a local dealership. The reason for this normally stems for the fact that more people expect to find greater deals and honest information from the seller when compared to certified dealers in their community. It's difficult to determine whether this is a process that offers exactly what most auto buyers are looking for, as each person has had a different experience with this form of buying a new form of transportation. This is largely due to the various pros and cons that exist with choosing to purchase an automobile for someone who lives in your community.


The Advantages of Buying Vehicles on Sale by Owners

  1. Good Locations: Normally when a consumer is searching for a person who is trying to sell their vehicle they will try to stay close to home or to an area they visit often. This makes traveling to pick up the car much easier as they generally don't need to go through the process of collecting directions. Often times when working with car lots you may have to travel further out due to lack of quality auto dealerships in your area which can be a serious inconvenience.
  2. More Straightforward Selling: Something that a number of car buyers hate about visiting a dealer is the overwhelming pressure salespeople can place on them at one time. Whether it maybe by luring you into purchasing a lesser desired auto or talking you into trying to apply for vehicle financing, some dealers can be too crafty. When working with the owner of an automobile the process is usually clearer cut as you only need to go over the auto and then supply the necessary funds that they have asked for. Sometimes you can haggle and get a better deal, but otherwise buying a use car from an owner is much simpler.
  3. Cheaper Prices: One of the best benefits of paying for pre-owned autos from an owner is how cheap the prices tend to be. In most cases they will be lower than the selections found at car lots, due to a couple of different reasons. The first is because most people who sell their vehicles already have a replacement and simply want to get rid of the other model as soon as possible. They also may sell a cheap previously owned automobile to help gather fast money to help them pay for a newer form of transportation. Lastly, it can simply be due to their lack of knowledge of what a certain car is worth and result in an affordable price tag.
  4. Getting Information is Easy: If the owner was the original buyer you can receive background information on the automobile easier. Any question that you will have about possible problems, accidents, and service records on the car can be answered by the seller since they have the necessary information available. This can also help with making a decision to pass or buy much easier when you have all the facts.
  5. No Need for Credit Checks: When you make an attempt to buy a vehicle from an owner you don't have to worry about any credit checks. This is because you're not applying for a loan or leasing the car and instead making a straightforward payment. That of course speeds up the process and keeps you from having to signing a wide array of papers or giving out any personal information.

The Disadvantages of Pursuing Cars Sold By Owners

  1. Lack of Selections: When you pursue vehicles on sale by local owners you are more at the mercy of what you see on the side of the street or that stumble upon with internet. This can prolong a consumers search for a preferred auto or even result in them settling to pay for something that they originally want. However, dealerships are known to have large inventories of affordable new cars and used cars for sale that range from various makes and models.
  2. High Usage: This could be tied into the lack of selections, but when you purchase an automobile from an owner you always will be buying a used car that has been used frequently. In most situations you can find dealerships that have some selections that have low mileage and have been properly taken care of for quite some time. This is rarely the case when you do business with an owner in your area who utilized there auto on the everyday basis.
  3. Unrealistic Pricing: As often as you will find some cheap prices you will also find some that are unrealistic. The reason this happens is because people tend to tack on more to their asking price when they consider the type of improvements they have done. Also, due to most owners not knowing much about cars they try to assume that a certain make or model may be more valuable than it truly is. Sometimes the request can be genuine, but often times this is just an attempt to squeeze more money out of you.
  4. Shady Sellers: Occasionally you will run into owners who will make you feel like you are at a dealership with how they try to sell their car to you. This can lead to them offering you false information or once again giving you unfair prices to benefit themselves. As a consumer, you always want to beware of these types of people and be willing to walk away from an offer if necessary.
  5. Lack of Financing and Warranties: The other problem that comes with purchasing an automobile from an owner is that you can't receive a warranty or financial assistance. Most sales that are made outside of an established dealer are seen as an "as is" sale, which means you agree to purchase a vehicle in spite of any flaws that exist. Of course there are exceptions depending on the lemon laws that exist in your state, but used cars may not be covered everywhere.

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