Car Financing for Any Type of Credit Atlanta, GA

by GoAceNate
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Auto Financing for Any Type of Credit in Atlanta
It can become very frustrating when lenders in Atlanta, Georgia won't offer you financing on a car when you have any type of credit. You could be applying for an auto loan at a bank, credit union, or even certain Atlanta dealerships and they will ask that you have a FICO score that is at 660 or better. If your score is within this range you generally have no problem with being approved for financial assistance. But what about the consumers whose credit scores are below this mark?

These individual still need a place that they can turn towards to receive dependable and quality service in getting a loan on a vehicle. This is where online auto financing in Atlanta for any kind of credit can become very appealing. There are websites like, that offer an honest service in helping consumers with various types of credit get the financial loan that they were hoping for in no time at all. If you're able to meet this basic list of requirement you can easily be approved:

  1. One year at the same employer if you have no credit rating.
  2. Two years employment history if you have some credit history.
  3. Minimum monthly gross income of $1500.
  4. Money down may be required, but not in every case.
  5. No repossession in last 12 months unless included in bankruptcy.
  6. No motorcycle or private-party purchases.
  7. Must reside in the United States or Canada.

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