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Vehicles less than 500 in your area may not be as hard to find as you think. cars under 500 dollars are made available from our network of used car dealers every day. Owning a car that you know you can afford is a comforting feeling. And you should be comfortable when purchasing a used vehicle, but how do you find one that's right for you?
Let find you the largest selection of cars under 500 dollars in your area, no matter where that is. Our database is filled with used car listings from all over the United States, rest assured we have a vehicle that's right for you and close to where you live. Let us help you find the best cars for sale under 500.

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You're currently seeing used cars close to 500 dollars in the 48326 zip code. To find automobiles close to 500 in your own local area try our used car finder to find used vehicles closer to your home.
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If you're looking for cars under $500 you're in the right spot. This section of is for used cars less than 500 dollars. If you have a larger budget try one of the price ranges below.
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